Sunday, April 17, 2011


So let's see its been a couple of days now. Jaker lost some weight as of our Friday dr visit,  still feverish and then we had antibiotic diarrhea! FUN! Not... Other than that he checked out as doing as best he can. Friday afternoon he became super crab and I debated dr, called and they said if I am so concerned take him to ER for a full work up, so I stayed home to watch over him. Last night we gave in and went to the ER, they said oh its just a stomach bug, grrrr. I know my child and I know he doesnt not have a stomach bug, esp since the nurse who is a nicu nurse knows he has GERD and other things going on and said it smelled like acid.. Which would mean he needs reflux meds done up. So we got sent home in a mere 2hrs, which I am kinda thankful even though it was past his bedtime and lil guy was beat. I still feel something is wrong because no infant should be this sick so often but clearly I am just the mom and I know nothing.. I understood why they wouldnt do any tests on his head, although that is still a major neon sign in the back of my head because I wonder if there is something in his brain making it appear his soft spot has closed up..  Oh and yesterday started off with some fun of having a flat tire, so I had to call DH to come home from his FT job on overtime to come and take my car to the shop, good thing he did bc there was a screw in my tire..

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