Tuesday, December 21, 2010

He's here

Jacob Bruce Steven Van De Walle arrived Nov. 6th 8:09pm 7lbs 8oz and 21.5inches long!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby stuff

So with this lil man I decided I would breastfeed and cloth diaper..  I have been working on my diaper stash for a few months now, at least since June or May I would say.. I am trying little bits of everything! I am some AIO, pockets, and prefolds.. A friend of mine is also CDing so she is sharing her newborn stash with me so that is saving me from buying a lot of new born items. I love the cloth diapers because they are SO cute! I started off with the idea that it will be cheaper in the long run, and it will I am sure, its just getting the stash to that point that can be difficult, I have been doing mine in small increments and purchasing new, used and WAHM(work at home mom) made items!

I also am doing a lot of reading up on BFing since I really want to make the effort this time, my family is not supportive of it, well I should say my sister isn't. My mom and husband are supportive of it all the way. So being the silly woman I am instead of reading baby books this time I am reading BFing books! I liked So That's What They're for! I just finished it yesterday and I learned so much from it that I never really knew! All these facts, and why it hurts and all of it.. I also am having a post partum doula come in and help me out after baby arrives, she is different from a regular doula, because she is for after baby, she helps with adjusting to life as a new mom/ family.. Granted I am not a new mommy by any means, I do have a 5 yr old I raised mostly on my own! But it's been a long time since having a baby in the house, I am going to be learning CDing and BFing so that will all be new, plus my hubby has never been around babies.. THAT should be interesting! LOL.. He has helped me with the boys I watch a little bit in learning to change regular diapers, but he will have to learn to calm and sooth his own child and dress the baby and all of it.. So having a helper in the house will be great, plus she will also help Allie adjust to her role as big sister and not only child anymore.. That was a big step for us, bc she wanted a little sister and not a brother so tears were shed when she learned she would have a brother.. But she is finally more accepting of that, for now.. LOL..

Oh by the way I love Etsy!! I got the lil man a hat and booties set from there.. So CUTE!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How it all began and updates

I suppose I should make a post on how this baby came to be and why we call him a " Miracle"... Not everyone knows we struggled for over a year with infertility issues, actually almost no one knows. We went through multiple tests and drugs for hubby. I had my HSG test done where I actually had to be knocked out for it so they could open my cervix.. In January we discussed a sperm donor, his counts were too low to ever let this happen naturally no matter how much charting I did or what meds he took. So I made my appt for March 4th, little did I know it would not be needed.. He went to see a specialist as last resort to see what her recommendation would be to us, she told him to start freezing and banking his "samples" so we could do IVF, we were heartbroken.. I was due that Thursday for my period.. I had been exhausted all month, wanting to do nothing but sleep. Everyone kept saying I was preg and I laughed.. I took a test 3 days before my period was due, negative... So I blew it off.. By Saturday night I was still late, I spoke with a friend online who insisted I get a test, I just laughed.. finally I talked hubby into purchasing them, he was adament that he didnt want too bc it would be negative, or I would get my period and be upset.. I can't blame him, it was disappointing for both of us.. Let me interject here that my MIL is deceased for 6yrs this month and my Grandfather passed away in January.. So hubby went Sat night and got tests, I said I will wait till morning to take one.. So Sunday morning I was awake at 5am jittery and dying to pee on that stick.. So I took my digital test into bathroom awoke hubby to what I was about to do and went in to pee and wait.. So the stupid thing flashed for what seemed like too long, then it said Pregnant! I couldn't believe my frigging eyes!  I ran into bedroom and told hubby, he looked at me in shock and said " Is it mine?" Umm yeah thats kinda how its been working lately.. DUH!... So this is how our lil miracle came to be.. I had some complications in the beginning with  cramping so at 5wks I went to see Dr she ordered an ultrasound and found I was missing my progesterone making thing, so I had to take supplements till I was 12wks. We have had a happy, healthy and mostly uneventful pregnancy thus far..  I was sick for the longest time.. I quit my job to be a SAHM as I have a 5yr old from another relationship..

July brought some bad events upon us, my brother in law passed away unexpectedly, after being at our home and  getting the baby's dresser with my husband. So that was a hectic weekend spent with my father in law making calls, and arrangements. That Friday I had contractions, they monitored me and said I have an incompetant uterus and I will contract easily.. Sunday I felt not so hot, I started being sick, violently, I ached and my fever rose to 102 degrees with Tylenol in my system.. So I called the on call, then was told to go to hosp, I went in at 7:00pm, I was hooked to IV, given fluid and meds for vomiting.. They monitored me and baby, finally at 1:45am we were released home, I had Pneumonia... I am now healthy and feeling well, except for being exhausted again...

My baby shower is Saturday and I am excited to see everyone and see what baby gets! Well I will updated more as it comes..

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's a BOY!!!!

We just found out last Tuesday we are having a baby boy! We announced to family and friends Saturday night. It was so much fun! I am def still in a bit of shock, but I know it will be a fun learning experience for us all!  We now so excited to be getting the nursery ready for him! I have bought a lot of clothes at garage sales but now is the time to get all ready for him! I cannot even wait. Our crib is sitting at the store waiting for us to pick it up! We are doing light orange and light blue for colors in the room! I will post bump pics and cake reveal pics as I learn how!

Friday, April 30, 2010


Ugh the past couple of days have been bad. I have been super sick, Dr. wanted me to come in last night to be seen in case of dehydration but I couldn't, my mom and sis thought it was unnecessary and why not wait till this morning. So I am seeing how I feel today and then I will call if I am still getting sick. So far so good. I am impatiently awaiting my next dr appt on Wednesday and dying to know what this baby will be. I have this sinking feeling its a boy. I really would love another girl, but I can handle my first boy I suppose. I know it would make my husband very happy. I on the other hand am not so sure. Oh well I will have 20wks to get use to the idea of a son if I am having one. I am still trying to get some kids to watch in my home starting in June and that is not going as well as I would like. I am hoping more people will be in need once summer starts.

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Baby

So wow I have not blogged in idk forever? So I am starting a new one about my whole new life. I started blogging about 6yrs ago as a single pregnant woman. I now have a 5yr old little girl and a husband and a new baby on the way. I am 13wks preg due on Halloween. I feel pretty crappy still most of the time. I am adjusting to this crazy role as a wife. We have only been married about 8months and yes this baby is planned. I feel like I have no clue what I am supposed to be writing here. lol.. As a new wifey I still sometimes let my insecurities get the best of me at times, I hate it. I totally hate worrying all the time and freaking out over nothing. I still wonder why in the hell my hubby picked me to get married to but im glad he did. We have been through a lot of crazy things and survived a lot. I think that is what makes it all worth it, maybe im wrong..lol... Oh well off for now..