Monday, August 27, 2012


Well Jake is almost 2yrs old and he has still done very well without reflux meds, we still have skin allergy issues. I have no clue what is making it flare up, I have tried various soaps for his clothing and he usually uses yes to baby carrots for bathtime. So if anyone can help me out with that I would appreciate it! We use Tide Free and Gentle powder on his laundry. Sad to admit I can barely remember him being small and newborn ish because we slept so little back then, I just remember a lot of crying and vomiting(baby). He only goes to his chiropractor now as needed and its been a few months since he has gone. I think I should take him back out for another adjustment, that seemed to help us a lot when he was smaller, it did wonders for his reflux and sleep. He hardly ever gets sick in general which is nice. His sleep habits are crazy lately but he has had a word explosion, he went from hardly talking to talking a lot! He comes out with a new word everyday it seems like. He does some two word sentences now. I still have his reflux meds on hand just in case and I am still cautious with sauces like pizza and pasta sauce. I guess eventually I will get beyond that but its hard even now. He eats pretty much everything in sight, he really is a good toddler for the most part, aside from the biting.. I hate this phase!

Monday, February 6, 2012


We are now reflux med free completely, on cow's milk and growing like a big boy! Jake is now 15months old today and is 27lbs 8oz and 33.5" long. He has grown so much over the past year and it just amazes me all the things he can do now. He is a very independent boy but loves his mama. He walks, runs, walks backwards and says a few words. He is a pretty quiet boy and pretty laid back as well. I feel like I have no clue what to write in this thing I just tend to find time and babble on once in awhile. HAHA..

We are looking into buying our first home and I have been into sewing some projects, I made Jake a couple of blankets and I need to make him curtains to match for his new nursery theme, Pirates! I LOVE pirates and I am hoping he will grow to love them as well! So many new things going on with my life and I cannot wait to hopefully get our own home and paint and decorate and make it my own. We currently live in a home owned by my mom even though she does not live here with us. Its maddening to not have a home of my own that I can just do as I want and not have to worry what someone else will think, do or say.  Well I guess that is all I can think of for now. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No dr for over a week!

We have been dr free for over a week! I have called about seeing a GI specialist since his Neocate is $400 for a months supply without ins coverage.. EEEK!! We need a specialist so we can approve it with the insurance. He was spitting up/vomiting a lot and then the past day or two he hasnt at all! He is finally drinking more oz/day again like he was and seems to be getting better.. Let's not jinx it though.

Yesterday I had him playing in his FP Little Lamb Cradle swing when suddenly the seat started tipping over with him in it! So of course I ran to catch him and take him out. I am so bummed bc he was happily playing in it! Last night DH and i went off in search of a new swing and were having trouble choosing, we found the FP infant to toddler rocker and are going to see if Jake likes it. We put him in the display at the store and he seemed to enjoy it so hopefully this will entertain him, be cozy for him to nap in sometimes, plus it goes up to 40lbs! DH was in sticker shock looking at how much swings cost. He turns 6 months Friday and Monday is our well baby visit! yay!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Wow I have been a slacker lately. Jake can now roll back to belly, he learned from the dr office, of course he for some reason has forgotten he can flip back over so he will be content to spin around till he gets mad and wants me to rescue him. He has gotten much better this week so hopefully no more dr till our 6month appt in a couple of weeks! That would give us 2 weeks with no dr! He is officially sitting up alone not even tripoding just sitting. He wants to crawl sooo badly! We are looking forward to his first Easter, even though he wont have a clue what is going on.  Its been a hectic week but now that Jake is on the mend and I am hoping to get him back to regular naps my sanity might return! YAY! A friend of mine took him for the day on Thursday and I got the house cleaned, and some things done at my consignment shop. Even with Allie there I got some stuff done. I have more to do this coming week but I am hopeful that I can get that done as well. Its been awhile since the hubby has worked a later shift at his second job so tonight I am on my own with the kiddos till just after bedtime! I have gotten Allie showered and ready for bed, yes i am early but I take advantage of Jake's non cranky moments. I am going to run now and get him un cranked and have dinner then bathe him and hopefully both kids will be in bed when DH gets home from work! woo hoo!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


So let's see its been a couple of days now. Jaker lost some weight as of our Friday dr visit,  still feverish and then we had antibiotic diarrhea! FUN! Not... Other than that he checked out as doing as best he can. Friday afternoon he became super crab and I debated dr, called and they said if I am so concerned take him to ER for a full work up, so I stayed home to watch over him. Last night we gave in and went to the ER, they said oh its just a stomach bug, grrrr. I know my child and I know he doesnt not have a stomach bug, esp since the nurse who is a nicu nurse knows he has GERD and other things going on and said it smelled like acid.. Which would mean he needs reflux meds done up. So we got sent home in a mere 2hrs, which I am kinda thankful even though it was past his bedtime and lil guy was beat. I still feel something is wrong because no infant should be this sick so often but clearly I am just the mom and I know nothing.. I understood why they wouldnt do any tests on his head, although that is still a major neon sign in the back of my head because I wonder if there is something in his brain making it appear his soft spot has closed up..  Oh and yesterday started off with some fun of having a flat tire, so I had to call DH to come home from his FT job on overtime to come and take my car to the shop, good thing he did bc there was a screw in my tire..

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More fun with the Dr.

First off let me just say I feel like we LIVE at the dr's office.  So today I checked Jake and his temp was on the move again 100.1, not super high but not to my liking with a sicky boy. On top of all this he is like a little vomit machine which makes me sad, even his solids won't stay down! :(  So I bit the bullet and called the Ped office around noon. I told them what was up and she says come in at 2pm. So 1:30pm I close up the shop and head on in. We get there a little early, sit and wait to be called in. The nurse flirts with Jake while trying to get his O2 levels the meter was all over the place 88 84 90 91.. All very low and not accurate. So Dr comes in listens to his breathing looks in his mouth and both ears. Another ear infection in the right ear and she doesnt like the sound of him. So she says lets do a neb treatment, relisten and go for a chest xray. Why the xray? To see what is going on in his lungs that they are not improving. So she does the neb we wait, she comes in listens still no good, does his o2 again 96. Pretty good. So while all this is being figured out I am calling my hubby to tell him so he can leave work early and get Allie off of the bus. Mind you I was calling around 2:30pm. So he leaves work, I leave dr at 3pm and head to radiology place, about 15min away... Poor Jake was sooo tired during all of this stuff. He was cranky at the radiology place. We finally are seen and xrayed, they tell us to wait for results, all the while Jake is screaming because he is due to eat and since I hadnt anticipated all of this before going to work at my shop I have no formula. Finally the woman comes out and says I spoke with dr you may leave and she will call. She called and left message since I missed the call while driving. He has RAD (Ractive Airway Disease) and Viral Pneumonia. So now we are on Zithromax for 5 days.  So hopefully he will get better soon.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

News from the Dr. and other fun updates.

Big man is weighing in at 18lbs 10oz at just over 5months old. We went for head check, his head is still growing! YAY!!! His soft spot is totally gone so we are on monthly head checks. His lungs are still all junky. :( Boo! So now we added Prednisone 1x per day for 5 days. So we recheck Friday with another Pedi in the office but we like her. Jake loves to flirt with her. We took him out in Aunt Ann's Mustang today! My sis Lauren drove. A little background is this mama LOVES Mustangs, wants one sooooooooooooooooooo bad it hurts.. But def not very baby friendly. We went in a 2002 Mustang so no latch system :P But I made due and it was REALLY tough getting the infant seat in and out.. So someday when babies are grown mama will have her Mustang... Mwhahahaha! I know I am weird..

So we took lil Mister to Old Navy got him 2 pairs of Pjs, some spiffy outfits and an adorable Monkey Sun hat with matching swim shorts and rash shirt(?).. Its all piratey and I love me some pirates.  Then we headed to Uno's for lunch and had some AMAZING burgers, none for Mr though.. I also used my baby bullet for the first time today made Jake some Naners bc he loves him some naners! (Just like his sisser). I also made Avacado and put it in the freezer. I am going to use up our jar foods and then start fully making our baby food. I could not believe it took me like umm 2 seconds to puree it up for him. I am super proud of myself.  Other than that it was a normal day here. My sis took Jake for a few hours this afternoon, my first time letting him leave me and not just being with daddy.. Apparently he loves to watch her kitties.. They are pretty entertaining I will admit. Okay off for now...