Saturday, April 23, 2011


Wow I have been a slacker lately. Jake can now roll back to belly, he learned from the dr office, of course he for some reason has forgotten he can flip back over so he will be content to spin around till he gets mad and wants me to rescue him. He has gotten much better this week so hopefully no more dr till our 6month appt in a couple of weeks! That would give us 2 weeks with no dr! He is officially sitting up alone not even tripoding just sitting. He wants to crawl sooo badly! We are looking forward to his first Easter, even though he wont have a clue what is going on.  Its been a hectic week but now that Jake is on the mend and I am hoping to get him back to regular naps my sanity might return! YAY! A friend of mine took him for the day on Thursday and I got the house cleaned, and some things done at my consignment shop. Even with Allie there I got some stuff done. I have more to do this coming week but I am hopeful that I can get that done as well. Its been awhile since the hubby has worked a later shift at his second job so tonight I am on my own with the kiddos till just after bedtime! I have gotten Allie showered and ready for bed, yes i am early but I take advantage of Jake's non cranky moments. I am going to run now and get him un cranked and have dinner then bathe him and hopefully both kids will be in bed when DH gets home from work! woo hoo!

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