Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More fun with the Dr.

First off let me just say I feel like we LIVE at the dr's office.  So today I checked Jake and his temp was on the move again 100.1, not super high but not to my liking with a sicky boy. On top of all this he is like a little vomit machine which makes me sad, even his solids won't stay down! :(  So I bit the bullet and called the Ped office around noon. I told them what was up and she says come in at 2pm. So 1:30pm I close up the shop and head on in. We get there a little early, sit and wait to be called in. The nurse flirts with Jake while trying to get his O2 levels the meter was all over the place 88 84 90 91.. All very low and not accurate. So Dr comes in listens to his breathing looks in his mouth and both ears. Another ear infection in the right ear and she doesnt like the sound of him. So she says lets do a neb treatment, relisten and go for a chest xray. Why the xray? To see what is going on in his lungs that they are not improving. So she does the neb we wait, she comes in listens still no good, does his o2 again 96. Pretty good. So while all this is being figured out I am calling my hubby to tell him so he can leave work early and get Allie off of the bus. Mind you I was calling around 2:30pm. So he leaves work, I leave dr at 3pm and head to radiology place, about 15min away... Poor Jake was sooo tired during all of this stuff. He was cranky at the radiology place. We finally are seen and xrayed, they tell us to wait for results, all the while Jake is screaming because he is due to eat and since I hadnt anticipated all of this before going to work at my shop I have no formula. Finally the woman comes out and says I spoke with dr you may leave and she will call. She called and left message since I missed the call while driving. He has RAD (Ractive Airway Disease) and Viral Pneumonia. So now we are on Zithromax for 5 days.  So hopefully he will get better soon.

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  1. Shees. Man oh man! Im sorry to hear all this is going on. I hope that your little guy gets better quick and feels 100% soon enough! Thinking of you tons!