Monday, August 27, 2012


Well Jake is almost 2yrs old and he has still done very well without reflux meds, we still have skin allergy issues. I have no clue what is making it flare up, I have tried various soaps for his clothing and he usually uses yes to baby carrots for bathtime. So if anyone can help me out with that I would appreciate it! We use Tide Free and Gentle powder on his laundry. Sad to admit I can barely remember him being small and newborn ish because we slept so little back then, I just remember a lot of crying and vomiting(baby). He only goes to his chiropractor now as needed and its been a few months since he has gone. I think I should take him back out for another adjustment, that seemed to help us a lot when he was smaller, it did wonders for his reflux and sleep. He hardly ever gets sick in general which is nice. His sleep habits are crazy lately but he has had a word explosion, he went from hardly talking to talking a lot! He comes out with a new word everyday it seems like. He does some two word sentences now. I still have his reflux meds on hand just in case and I am still cautious with sauces like pizza and pasta sauce. I guess eventually I will get beyond that but its hard even now. He eats pretty much everything in sight, he really is a good toddler for the most part, aside from the biting.. I hate this phase!