Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No dr for over a week!

We have been dr free for over a week! I have called about seeing a GI specialist since his Neocate is $400 for a months supply without ins coverage.. EEEK!! We need a specialist so we can approve it with the insurance. He was spitting up/vomiting a lot and then the past day or two he hasnt at all! He is finally drinking more oz/day again like he was and seems to be getting better.. Let's not jinx it though.

Yesterday I had him playing in his FP Little Lamb Cradle swing when suddenly the seat started tipping over with him in it! So of course I ran to catch him and take him out. I am so bummed bc he was happily playing in it! Last night DH and i went off in search of a new swing and were having trouble choosing, we found the FP infant to toddler rocker and are going to see if Jake likes it. We put him in the display at the store and he seemed to enjoy it so hopefully this will entertain him, be cozy for him to nap in sometimes, plus it goes up to 40lbs! DH was in sticker shock looking at how much swings cost. He turns 6 months Friday and Monday is our well baby visit! yay!!!