Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How it all began and updates

I suppose I should make a post on how this baby came to be and why we call him a " Miracle"... Not everyone knows we struggled for over a year with infertility issues, actually almost no one knows. We went through multiple tests and drugs for hubby. I had my HSG test done where I actually had to be knocked out for it so they could open my cervix.. In January we discussed a sperm donor, his counts were too low to ever let this happen naturally no matter how much charting I did or what meds he took. So I made my appt for March 4th, little did I know it would not be needed.. He went to see a specialist as last resort to see what her recommendation would be to us, she told him to start freezing and banking his "samples" so we could do IVF, we were heartbroken.. I was due that Thursday for my period.. I had been exhausted all month, wanting to do nothing but sleep. Everyone kept saying I was preg and I laughed.. I took a test 3 days before my period was due, negative... So I blew it off.. By Saturday night I was still late, I spoke with a friend online who insisted I get a test, I just laughed.. finally I talked hubby into purchasing them, he was adament that he didnt want too bc it would be negative, or I would get my period and be upset.. I can't blame him, it was disappointing for both of us.. Let me interject here that my MIL is deceased for 6yrs this month and my Grandfather passed away in January.. So hubby went Sat night and got tests, I said I will wait till morning to take one.. So Sunday morning I was awake at 5am jittery and dying to pee on that stick.. So I took my digital test into bathroom awoke hubby to what I was about to do and went in to pee and wait.. So the stupid thing flashed for what seemed like too long, then it said Pregnant! I couldn't believe my frigging eyes!  I ran into bedroom and told hubby, he looked at me in shock and said " Is it mine?" Umm yeah thats kinda how its been working lately.. DUH!... So this is how our lil miracle came to be.. I had some complications in the beginning with  cramping so at 5wks I went to see Dr she ordered an ultrasound and found I was missing my progesterone making thing, so I had to take supplements till I was 12wks. We have had a happy, healthy and mostly uneventful pregnancy thus far..  I was sick for the longest time.. I quit my job to be a SAHM as I have a 5yr old from another relationship..

July brought some bad events upon us, my brother in law passed away unexpectedly, after being at our home and  getting the baby's dresser with my husband. So that was a hectic weekend spent with my father in law making calls, and arrangements. That Friday I had contractions, they monitored me and said I have an incompetant uterus and I will contract easily.. Sunday I felt not so hot, I started being sick, violently, I ached and my fever rose to 102 degrees with Tylenol in my system.. So I called the on call, then was told to go to hosp, I went in at 7:00pm, I was hooked to IV, given fluid and meds for vomiting.. They monitored me and baby, finally at 1:45am we were released home, I had Pneumonia... I am now healthy and feeling well, except for being exhausted again...

My baby shower is Saturday and I am excited to see everyone and see what baby gets! Well I will updated more as it comes..

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